Book me as your personal shopper and I’ll help organize and prioritize what your wardrobe needs. 
Step 1: Consultation + Research
We will first meet to discuss your tastes, budget and needs. After this meeting I´ll set up a plan and a moodboard on how we can change or optimize your wardrobe.
Step 2: Shopping
I will organize different outfits and styles, which you just have to try at the store. You will purchase only the pieces that fit – you don´t have to take anything if you don´t like it
Step 3: Finishing
We will meet back at your closet with your new purchases. There we are creating outfits with your new purchases, combined with your old ones.
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Let´s sort out your wardrobe- because together it´s much more fun and easier. After sorting out, we are sorting in. Essentials that are missing or just some stunning new pieces to trend up your wardrobe. 
Step 1: Research
Phone meeting to get to know you, your style and your wardrobe.
Step 2: Cleanse
I will teach you which colors, styles and trends fit to your body type. Together, we will sort through what items should stay, be donated, sold, or altered. I´ll show you how you can style the remaining pieces and teach you helpful tricks about how to create a powerful impact with your clothing.
Step 3: Finish
I send you a full post-session report with helpful tips on how to style your new looks and a shopping list of items you need
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Whether you’re celebrating something special, hosting an event or standing up in front of a crowd – I will help you find the perfect outfit that makes you feel the most comfortable! 
Step 1: Research
We will discuss your style and the dress code of the event.
Step 2: Shop 3-5 Hours
I will pull pieces for you that fit your budget, shape and style. We will find the perfect look for any occasion!